Fleming Middle School

A. Sasaki

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Mrs. Sasaki's 8th Grade English - Course Description

Course Description

The major emphasis of this course is to promote communication skills through a balanced language arts program consisting of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking.  Content knowledge and skills gained during this course will support student achievement of the California State Standards and Common Core State Standards.  These newly adopted Standards are designed to ensure that graduating students are prepared for college work and careers.   Mastery of grade-level standards will be assessed throughout the year by the administration of essays, quizzes, projects, in four areas of study: Exposition, Narrative, Literary Response and Analysis, and Argumentative/Persuasion.  

We will utilize various types of technology to enhance and transform student learning: iPad apps, online resources, and computer programs. 

Grading Policy

            Grades for this course will be comprised of the following:

                        Assignments (Classwork & Homework):         40%

                        Power Reading/Accelerated Reader                10% 

                        Assessments (tests, quizzes, and essays):     50% 


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